Идеальный завтрак, который содержит много белка и немного калорий — это вареное яйцо. Если вы хотите приготовить себе сбалансированную еду, которая предоставит вам множество преимуществ для здоровья, варите себе яйцо и комбинируйте его с яблоком. Яйцо даст вам 78 и яблоко 80 калорий. Эта комбинация чрезвычайно полезна для здоровья, так как она обеспечивает лишь несколько калорий, но много питательных веществ, среди которых высокая концентрация белка, которая будет удерживать ваши нездоровые пристрастия.
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Так что вот тут я не согласна с высказыванием. ЙОга это не табата и не кроссфир, которые только для мега тренированных, а йога как раз восстановительные упражнения. У меня артроз коленей 2 ст и грыжи в поясничном отделе например, йогой я пошла заниматься от набора веса и ограничения подвижности. Вот только вес не жаждет уходить, ну хоть дальше не идет или идет не так быстро
• Background The reconstruction of biological processes and human activities during the last glacial cycle relies mainly on data from biological remains. Highly abundant tissues, such as wood, are candidates for a genetic analysis of past populations. While well-authenticated DNA has now been recovered from various fossil remains, the final ‘proof’ is still missing for wood, despite some promising studies. • Scope The goal of this study was to determine if ancient wood can be analysed routinely in studies of archaeology and palaeogenetics. An experiment was designed which included blind testing, independent replicates, extensive contamination controls and rigorous statistical tests. Ten samples of ancient wood from major European forest tree genera were analysed with plastid DNA markers. • Conclusions Authentic DNA was retrieved from wood samples up to 1000 years of age. A new tool for real-time vegetation history and archaeology is ready to use. PMID:16987920
Full Text Available The mechanism of intramolecular cyclization for products of epichlorohydrin aminolysis by secondary amines has been investigated at ab initio level of theory. By comparative analysis of energetic characteristics, which obtained in vacuo as well as in acetonitrile solution with the trace quantities of water as an «active» solvation partner of reaction, it has been shown a decisive role of solvent, which occurs mainly at the expense of the polarizable effects for nonspecific solvation. Indeed, the addition to the substrate of one water molecule have decreased corresponding EACT values only 24.1 kJ/mol, while the appearance of acetonitrile surroundings have the same influence ~42.0 kJ/mol. The results of calculations are in good agreement with that data, which have been obtained for such type modeling previously.

In the animated film Joseph: King of Dreams, prior to having him jailed for allegedly assaulting his wife, Potiphar takes notice of Joseph's intelligence and makes him a chief slave in his household. He orders Joseph to be executed for the attempted rape of his wife, but when she asks him to stop, Potiphar realizes Joseph was telling the truth of his innocence and instead has him jailed to save face, though he shows great disgust at his wife. Potiphar later brings Joseph to Pharaoh, who is plagued by inexplicable dreams, and expresses deep regret for having Joseph put in prison. He tells Pharaoh that he trusts Joseph "with [his] life."
N2,3-Ethenoguanine (N2,3-ϵG) is one of the exocyclic DNA adducts produced by endogenous processes (e.g. lipid peroxidation) and exposure to bioactivated vinyl monomers such as vinyl chloride, which is a known human carcinogen. Existing studies exploring the miscoding potential of this lesion are quite indirect because of the lability of the glycosidic bond. We utilized a 2′-fluoro isostere approach to stabilize this lesion and synthesized oligonucleotides containing 2′-fluoro-N2,3-ϵ-2′-deoxyarabinoguanosine to investigate the miscoding potential of N2,3-ϵG by Y-family human DNA polymerases (pols). In primer extension assays, pol η and pol κ replicated through N2,3-ϵG, whereas pol ι and REV1 yielded only 1-base incorporation. Steady-state kinetics revealed that dCTP incorporation is preferred opposite N2,3-ϵG with relative efficiencies in the order of pol κ > REV1 > pol η ≈ pol ι, and dTTP misincorporation is the major miscoding event by all four Y-family human DNA pols. Pol ι had the highest dTTP misincorporation frequency (0.71) followed by pol η (0.63). REV1 misincorporated dTTP and dGTP with much lower frequencies. Crystal structures of pol ι with N2,3-ϵG paired to dCTP and dTTP revealed Hoogsteen-like base pairing mechanisms. Two hydrogen bonds were observed in the N2,3-ϵG:dCTP base pair, whereas only one appears to be present in the case of the N2,3-ϵG:dTTP pair. Base pairing mechanisms derived from the crystal structures explain the slightly favored dCTP insertion for pol ι in steady-state kinetic analysis. Taken together, these results provide a basis for the mutagenic potential of N2,3-ϵG. PMID:22910910