How the Ketogenic Diet Promotes Weight Loss


Discover How the Ketogenic Diet Promotes Weight Loss

The ketogenic diet has skyrocketed in popularity over the past few years. Its efficacy has been proven repeatedly by thousands of people whoíve adopted it and shed the excess pounds.
The interesting thing about the ketogenic diet is that it overturns conventional diet advice that has been making the rounds for decades. Ketogenic dieting involves eating fat to lose fat.
That itself is mind-boggling to most people who have been avoiding fatty foods in the hopes of losing weight. After all, 1 gram of fat contains 9 calories!
So, how is it possible that one can lose weight by eating fat?

* The body burns fat more readily
To keep things simple, you need to understand that your body is designed to protect you. Fat is nothing more than stored fuel. When you consume more calories than you expend, the body stores the extra calories as fat, just if you may need the energy in the future.
However, most people never use up the stored fuel, so they keep getting fatter and obese. The body gets so used to storing the fat that it holds on to its fat stores stubbornly because of the sudden increase in demand for fuel when you start dieting.
It would rather burn the food you eat for fuel or deplete the glycogen in your muscles than burn the fat. When you start on a keto diet, your body realizes that it’s getting copious amounts of fat. So, it doesnít clings to itís fat stores and burns them more readily since there is a constant fat supply.

* Suppressed appetite
When youíre on a ketogenic diet, ketones will be released into your blood, which will suppress your appetite. The protein that you consume will increase satiety and reduce your sudden cravings for junk food.
Most importantly, since your carb intake is low, your body will not be subjected to the usual insulin spikes that come about due to carb consumption. Itís these blood sugar spikes that cause the body to store fat because excess insulin is transformed into fat through a series of processes within the body.

* Lipogenesis and lipolysis
Lipogenesis is the synthesis of fats which are then stored in your body. When youíre on a ketogenic diet, lipogenesis doesnít really take place. So, youíre less likely to store fat.
The keto diet creates a process called lipolysis. This is also known as the breakdown of fat, and it speeds up fat loss. Your body is starting to burn fat for fuel instead of carbs. When this happens, youíll notice your fat loss accelerating, and itíll be much easier to lose weight.

* Carb restriction
When on a keto diet, your carb intake will be about 20 grams per day. This is exactly what the body needs to lose weight fast. We consume too many carbs, and these are difficult calories to burn.
Carbs can be addictive, and when consumed in excess, are transformed into glucose and then stored as fat. There are no such problems when youíre on a ketogenic diet.
By now, youíll understand that the keto diet does not only make conditions inconducive for weight gain, but it also accelerates your fat loss. This two-pronged approach makes it a very effective diet for fat loss. Do give it a try and youíll be amazed at the results.

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