Natural Tips


Natural Detox Tips

Your body has its own natural ways to detoxify your system of harmful radicals and toxins. It can cleanse your system naturally and without side effects; however, it needs the right inputs from you to carry them out. This does include not only diet but also self-discipline, perseverance, and a desire to be healthy.

Stay Healthy While You Cleanse

Here are a few more body detox tips you can do to keep your body healthy while you cleanse.

Citrus Fruits and Vitamin C

Eat citrus fruits as vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant. Vitamin C also strengthens the immune system and fights off infection.

Many detox diets or colon cleanses incorporate lemons as they help speed up the body’s detoxification process. Your liver will love you for it too!

Cleansing The Colon

Food rich in fiber aids digestion, so instead of the usual fatty, fast foods, opt for foods high in fiber content. It helps your digestive system and cleanses the gastrointestinal tract. It also promotes regular bowel movements, and efficient waste elimination is essential in the colon’s detoxification.

Garlic – Nature’s Detoxifier

Garlic is a famous antioxidant and detoxifying agent. It is one of nature’s healing wonders, so don’t leave this one out.

Sweat Releases Toxins

Although you have to be careful not to over-exercise when detoxing or fasting, remember that sweating is a natural way to release toxins from the body.

Exercising promotes the release of harmful substances and toxins from the body through your perspiration.

Breathe Heavily

A large amount of the body’s elimination of waste products and toxins occurs via exhalation, making a conscious effort to breathe deeply and strongly during any fast or detox process. Plus, inhaling deeply helps you absorb more oxygen and accelerates toxins and free-radicals from the cells.

Detox Teas

The Power of Teas for Body Cleansing

You may wonder why teas are a popular choice for body detoxing – probably the most popular choice. The reason is there are plenty of health benefits that you can obtain from a single cup of tea.

In addition to their detoxifying powers, some herbal teas can help lower blood pressure, improve mental performance, enhance mood, and lower heart disease and stroke risk. Plus, some teas are helpful for weight loss and boosting energy levels.

Liver Detox Teas

Liver detox teas made from herbs such as milk thistle, ginger, lemongrass, and dandelion contain antioxidants and other active compounds that are beneficial for liver health.

Antioxidant Benefits

Black and green teas are known to be excellent sources of antioxidants. These antioxidants bolster the body’s defense system to fight against oxidative stress and reduce free radicals’ adverse effects in the body.

Continual or repeated exposure to oxidative stress and free radicals can cause chronic inflammation and mutation of the body’s DNA strains that may result in cancer and other chronic diseases.

Go Natural

Before buying any tea, make sure to read the ingredients list first. Avoid those containing artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, soy lecithin, and caramel coloring. Look for organic, pure, and natural teas.

You can’t cleanse the body with artificial ingredients and sweeteners!

When choosing a detox tea, be wary of teas that contain senna, which is an herbal laxative. This substance helps cleanse the intestines, which is a crucial part of the detoxification process.

However, long-term use of beverages that contain senna may lead to diarrhea, vomiting, dehydration, and electrolyte imbalances. It is best to drink teas that contain senna only for a couple of nights, then drink senna-free tea to avoid suffering from its side effects.

Don’t Forget To Eat A Healthy Diet.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that simply drinking a detox tea is a magic cure that will reverse months of poor nutrition habits. Effective detox is not just about the initial detox regimen or the teas you choose to drink; it’s also about the foods and beverages that you consume, either along with it or after.

To get the best benefit from any detox program, follow it up with improved lifestyle choices. That means better diet and exercise options. Eat more whole and plant-based foods and reduce your consumption of processed foods.